Independent Reserve Review & How To Best Leverage What They Are Great At

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Which is, for arbitrage trading, especially in bulk, and as a good and stable route between fiat and crypto.

The flagship motto of Independent Reserve should probably go like, “Value is where the crowd isn’t”

Independent Reserve is an Australian crypto exchange that stayed fairly low-profile in the industry.

It is not a commonly mentioned crypto exchange on Reddit’s crypto subs either, and its trading interface absolutely cannot compare to places like Bitfinex:

Luckily, in this particular comparison, its banking can neither.

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Fundamentals of Crypto OpSec

Let’s start with a little definition.

OPSEC Meaning

Opsec is a term coming from the military, meaning operational security. It has been widely used to describe security precautions in various grey-zone or illegal activities, and more recently also in cryptocurrency management.

It is not because owning cryptocurrency would imply illegal activities, but because cryptocurrency is non-regulated storage of wealth that critically depends on how well an investor protects their own digital asset instead of outsourcing the protection to an institution.

Crypto OpSec Fundamentals

Good opsec in crypto is boring.

You know what you are supposed to do, it is not super practical, the odds of getting hacked seem super low, we are in a bear market anyway, who cares. …

On 6th November 2019, the blockchain technology company Perlin announced new project within their partnership with the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), the DBS Bank and the Trafigura physical commodities trading group.

The entities listed above have launched a collaborative effort with the government of Singapore to gradually move the backoffice processes of international trade from paper to blockchain, via a new tradetech infrastructure— the ICC TradeFlow.

The project builds on the already present IMDA’s TradeTrust network as a base.

This base ensures the new trade platform’s compatibility with the existing rudiments of digital trade infrastructure on which the global connectivity of Singapore relies. …

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Blockchain Technology: The Need to Know

Blockchain is a term that denotes literally a chain of blocks, where block is a bundle of confirmed transactions and additional features that ensure blocks cannot be skipped or reordered in the future.

How do you define Block Time?

Block Time can be defined as the average time that is taken for generating an extra block in the block chain.

Bitcoin Block Time: For Bitcoin 10 minutes will be the block time.

Private, Public and Consortium Blockchain

Blockchains are functioning under the peer to peer networking method. As it is a straightforward phenomena: Not involving any third person into the transaction process.

Private blockchains are similar to decentralized databases and may have its use as an internal tool for organizations and businesses where member parties do not want to trust each other. …

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Duško Marković, the prime minister of Montenegro, said earlier this year that the country is carrying a heavy legacy, plagued with low standards and weak institutions, but its EU orientation is clear and strong.

This week, the Government of Montenegro announced another step in their new, progressive direction.

The Government of Montenegro signed a tripartite agreement with the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and the blockchain development company Perlin.

Blockchain Incubation in Montenegro

The aim of the agreement is to cooperate in developing blockchain pilot programs with the purpose of advancing entrepreneurialism in Montenegro and beyond.

The ICC has 45 million member businesses in 130 countries in total, which would mean an enormous potential adoption for any blockchain pilot that will be successfully incubated in Montenegro. …

Just using Google for the quick action?

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Thank you for coming to our TED talk.

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Trading on Bitfinex

Bitfinex is currently the last remaining trusted trading platform that offers leveraged products without KYC.

Although no minimum deposit is required to make an account at Bitfinex, it is a trading platform most used by larger crypto traders.

Because the market structure is different, trading on Bitfinex is also different than on ultra high leverage places. …

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Christophe Spoerry is an investor and entrepreneur who has been silently involved in some serious blockchain technology experimentation for a few years now. In the B2B fintech and insurtech circles, he is mostly known for his work at Euler Hermes as the co-founded of an initiative to reinvent trade finance with technology and data.

His newly launched tradetech venture builder is called Alpine Style, referring to mountaineering in a self-sufficient manner — the way which is faster and more efficient than expeditions.

Alpine Style’s first venture Marjory launched in September 2018 in partnership with Credendo. Marjory is an innovative orchestrator of trade services for B2B platforms and marketplaces, it connects with the most suitable partners in each B2B service categories like KYC/AML, trade finance or commercial insurance. …



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